Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm currently working on pulling together a group website, so I've begun to pay closer attention to what other professors put on theirs - and if they even have one. And I've noticed a few things:

1) Many professors don't have one.
2) If they do have one, it was last updated in 1983 (or whenever they got tenure).
3) The picture of them was taken in 1983.
4) The links don't work.

I view my group webpage as my link to the outside world - almost like a public relations department. I have complete control over it - unlike my posting on my department's webpage which takes an eternity to get updated - so I don't understand why more professors aren't taking advantage of this outlet.

And, besides all of this, it is very annoying. I'm (obviously) a new professor at my university and I'm trying to figure out what many of my colleagues are doing. The description on the department website is typically something along the lines of "technology" or "energy". Great. Is that theory or experiment? What size group do they have? Are they even still active? It would be really helpful if these professors had even a simple website listing their current (note, I said current) students/post-docs and their current research interests.

But maybe that is just my pipe-dream. After all, clearly people don't go into academia to be social or collaborative...

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